Richard Mosse / The Enclave Exhibition

I’m pretty sure most people if not everyone has seen these images, Richard Mosse travelled to Congo and took these spectacular images which spread to every corner of the world from the big art websites, newspapers, Facebook and even Buzzfeed.

What I didn’t know was the following, they aren’t photoshoped, they are taken by a rather unique piece of film which changes certain colours into pinks and red, for the most part it transforms the green. More importantly it is accompanied by a piece of film, something I never knew about.

Down in the basement of the Vinyl Factory, you had these massive screens, a terrifyingly brilliant soundtrack to accompany them and a far darker and  intense footage. It never showed scenes of conflict but it did show these three women who had a ritual preformed on them as they joined the army then confront a bunch of rebels with other soldiers. The soundtrack along with the various different camera angles of the scene across the screens in the basement were truly terrifying. Then all of a sudden you see all of the soldiers we just followed, including the women, were dead on the floor as the rebels were laughing among them wearing their hats. Oddly enough there was no visible blood on the soldiers or on the floor.

I think the most heartbreaking part personally speaking was seeing four rebels lift and carry up one dead solider while his comrade was lying next to him, squirming from side to side with his final breath of air.

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